Audi TT Common Problems and Common Fixes.

Problem: I did a battery reset, now my temperature in the cluster LCD reads negative numbers.

Solution: Reset again.

Problem: I unplugged my seat and got an airbag light. It won't turn off even with a battery reset.

Solution: Find someone with VAG-COM or go to a dealer.

Problem: I'm low on coolant but I can't find G12 coolant anywhere. Where do I get it? Can I just use something else?

Solution: NO. Use only G12. G12 is available at a VW or Audi dealer for about $25 for 1 gallon concentrate (makes 2 gallons).

Problem: My dome light won't light up when I open the door.

Solution: Push it, punch it or remove it and jiggle it till it works. It has some sort of electrical contact issues that are usually resolved by messing with it in aforementioned manner.

Problem: My automatic windows stopped working/my windows don't do the slight drop/rise whenever I open and shut the door.

Solution: Do a battery reset...this is usually a sure fire fix. Easier thing to try is holding the window switch in the full up or full down position for 30 seconds. This will sometimes fix it. If neither do, most likely your door sensor is shot. See the fix in the AudiWorld FAQ.

Problem: My front parking light(s) don't work.

Solution: The bulbs are available online or at a VW/Audi/Mercedes dealer for $6-$10 and are easily swapped out. Mine kept blowing so i just removed them altogether. I run angel eyes for running lights now.

Problem: My turn signals are acting weird.

Solution: It's either your turn signal stalk or turn signal relay. Both are fairly inexpensive ($50-$100) and not too difficult to swap out.

Problem: My glovebox is stuck shut.

Solution: DO NOT try to force it open. You'll break it more. I have a glovebox replacement DIY farther down the page (a new one will be $300+). If you didn't manage to break the latch off or anything, you can remove the side of the dash between the dash and the door to get at hte side of the box. From there, there's a little pin that holds the box shut. You can push this pin in yourself and open the glovebox that way. From there, you can cut the pin off or something since usually the box gets stuck from the pin not wanting to retract. The pin on the opposite side should be enough to hold it up.

Problem: My headlight washers don't work.
Solution: They have their own fuse. See fuse diagram. Or, they could be leaking, in which case check the plumbing for them.

Problem: My hatch won't open as easily as it used to.

Solution: Get new hatch struts. They're available on ECS Tuning among other places and not hard to swap.

How to open your trunk/hatch with a dead battery.

As you probably know, your trunk (roadster) or hatch (coupe) is electronically released. I've known for a while that there was a manual release somewhere but I couldn't figure out where. So when the answer came up on Vortex recently, I figured I'd add it to here for everyone's benefit:

-In the roadster, the manual release is located in the small compartment behind the passenger seat.

-In the coupe, the manual release is located under the cup-holders. You must remove the rubber pads on the cup-holders and unscrew them to access it.