TOYOTA - Reset fuel light on a 3.0 D4D Hilux + Change Filter.

Flashing light is drain water and carry on. Solid light is replace filter

What you need to do is the following,

1. Replace the filter.
2. Keep the top sensor unplugged
3. Start ( idle )
4. Re connect the top connector (quickly )
5. Switch off and start again ( problem solved ) ---no need to disconnect battery 

Tried this tip and I confirm that it does the Job - ""With ignition off, unplug the top plug from the fuel filter housing, Start the vehicle and quickly put the plug back in. Light will go off after 3 sec. Job done. 10 seconds."

If the light is flashing, then you have water in 

the system.

How to change the fuel filter on Toyota Hilux

Once Again.

The electronic switch on the top of the fuel filter housing is the fuel filter warning switch.
To reset the warning light on the cluster you need to do this:
1. With the ignition switch off, disconnect the fuel filter warning switch connector.
2. Turn the ignition switch from off to ON.
3. After more than 3 seconds but less than 60 seconds have elapsed, reconnect the connector.
4. After approximately 3 seconds have elapsed with the fuel filter warning switch closed, the
system confirms the deletion of the illumination information by turning off* the warning light.