We have been requested to fit this brand new Fassi F80 crane to this Mercedes Truck.
The crane needs to be fitted between the cab and the tray.
This is a tilt tray - so the tray will need to be shortened and the sub-frame needs to be extended.

Brand new Fassi F80 crane.

Where the crane is now , that's where it needs to go on the truck chassis.

The tray has been cut shorter, old pieces are seen strapped to the tray, and the crane is mounted in position.

Crane folded up and ready to go.
All the hydraulics , fabrication , and welding on this project have been done in-house.
This truck was tested and certified, passing all inspection criteria.

Tray tilted - crane erect.
Ready for work.

Crane Fit-out - Isuzu Truck.

Fitting a new crane to a tilt tray.
Crane is situated up front between cab and tilt tray.

Crane on it's way into position.

Fits in like a glove, on-top of a fabricated sub-frame that goes the whole length of the truck.

View of the sub-frame - all the way to the rear of the truck.

Tilt tray tipping cylinders are mounted into the sub-frame.

The completed job - tray tilts and crane fitted and operational.
All the hydraulics, fabrication and welding done in-house.

Front view, truck used for delivering timber to building sites.

Side view - brand new remotely operated crane ready to work.


Formdeck DC 2 - Backing Plate

DC 2 Backing plate repair.

Machine new backing plate and repair clamp shoes.


Formdeck RM 6 - Cracked Forming Roller.

Cracked Forming Roller – 2/3 down the machine one of the forming rollers cracked in two. No spares were available and so another roller was produced.

Forming Roller still in the machine.

 Roller split in half.

Close-up view of the crack.

The outer edge reveals that this roller was cracked for some time before it let go.
This is evident from the very polished outer edge that was "cleaned up" by the abrasion from  debris in the crack.

Poor quality key-steel used in the key way allowed the roller to slip on the shaft and wear a bad grove.
This shaft was replaced.

The completed and rebuilt shaft with new key steel in all the rollers.
Notice the new Forming Roller, the old one sits on the wooden pallet to the right.


Formdeck DC 6 - Braking Resistor.

Electric Resistor Brake – this item was not fitted.
There was no brake system on the De-coiler machine to slow down or stop the coil. 
 We harvested a brake resistor from a spare control cabinet and wired it up. After setting the speed controller most of the problem went away. 

This is a DC Brake Resistor - not fitted to control system.

DC Brake Resistor in a similar machine.

Close-up view of the Resistor value.


Sunward Excavator into Drill Rig Conversion.

Converting an 1.8 Ton excavator into a drill rig

Used for core samples.
Completed project to look similar to this machine.

Removing the front dipper arm.

Drill mast from a digger that needs to be modified to fit the excavator.

New foot piece fabricated and welded into place.

Mast assembly ready to be assembled to the excavator mast.

Turning new bushes and pins to suit the new boom.

Sprockets and bearings machined to run chain push-pull carriage on drill rig.

Prep still needs to be done to mount bush to new boom assembly.

Mating the drill mast and the boom assembly together.

Mountings fabricated to allow the mast x-y travel.

New excavator boom, cylinder and quick fit hydraulic hose coupling fitted.

Excavator mated to the mast assembly.

Job completed.
Excavator in travel mode.

Excavator in drill mode.

Front view of drill mode.