Decoiler 7 - Hydraulic clamp hinge repair

Bolts and nuts turning loose as the machine operates.

# 1511.


RM 4 - Colloidal Drive Chains

Machine making banning noise under load.
Chains breaking every week.

# 1533     #1509
Destroyed chain links on the inner side of duplex chain.

Temporary tensioner sprocket to eliminate the chain jumping.
Notice the chain is still very slack.

The cause of all the breakages , two different sized sprockets on the drive motor , front half of the machine running at a different speed to the rear.

New driven sprocket fitted to the colloidal transmission.
Both the same size.


Lewmac - Tipper - Trailer - Excavator.

Mitsubishi Tipper Repairs.
Duel Axle Trailer Repairs
Kobelco SR 35-3 Excavator Repairs.

Invoice   #1501

Seat air bag blow-out.

Kobelco SR 35 -3 Engine mounting failure.

 Lower Mount worn out.

 Lower Mount

New Mounts ready for replacement.

 New upper mounting.

Sump plug leaking and threaded socket torn in the sump.
Cleaned and brazed the socket back into place.

Trailer brakes no working at all.
This is a pic of the brakes after a trip on say 15 km.

Two brake maxis leaking air badly.

new front axle spring brakes / threads damaged on the old pair.

 New Rear maxis.


Dorries Transmission Repair

Replace Electromagnetic G Clutch in Dorries Transmission.

Transmission arrives.

         Accompanied with detailed drawings.

 G Clutch is housed in the lower right hand side of the transmission.

Disassembly starts with the output shaft drive gear.

Removal of the "keyed" coupling presented some challenges.
After fabricating a special tool and some heat we could move on.

 The coupling cooperating and sliding off. 

This is the G clutch that needs to be replaced.

 Burnt out G clutch removed , notice the burn mark at 3 o'clock.

Testing the new G clutch before installation.

New G clutch assembly.

New G clutch fitted to drive shaft.

Dorries Transmission assembled and undergoing final inspection.

Ready for delivery.



Always seems so easy to the truck driver.

"Hey mate , I'll get it done in a jiffy."

Yes , will here is how you do it in a jiffy.

9 hours later.😢😢😢😢

Please click on the link below for the Arvin Meritor
Service Manual.

Please click the link below for the Meritor Rockwell pdf
Service Manual

Spiral Logistics - 59884 S - Trailer.


Requested to follow through with safety adjustments.
Spec's and instruction provided by client.

Completed walk around of Project No 12.

Find below before and after pics of the job.

Project No 12

Damaged rear tail board and signage.

Bent and damaged access ladders.

Damaged access ladders both sides of the truck.

No timber box and tool boxes damaged.

Fabricated and painted rear tail gates , secured with chain and d shackles.

Rear end straightened out and new signage fitted.

Headboard straightened and painted - new pins and rope on timber.

New steps fabricated - new timber box fitted - toolbox repaired.

New load binders fitted - new rope to bearers.

Tailgates repaired / fabricated / fitted to rear.

Deck painted with yellow strips - new pins .


VW Volkswagen Audi Ignition Miss-fire Coil Pack

VW Golf Ignition Misfire

The Volkswagen 1.8L turbo engine (AGU) is used in many VW and Audi models from 1996 - 2003
 including Golf, Bora, A3 and A4

VW Golf Ignition Misfire

The Volkswagen 1.8L turbo engine (AGU) is used in many VW and Audi models from 1996 - 2003 including Golf, Bora, A3 and A4. This engine is known for ignition misfires. The ignition system uses 4 coils (coil on plug) and an ignition module that is triggered by the ECU.

One of the most common failures with this type of ignition system is the module fails to trigger the ignition coils. 

This condition is usually misdiagnosed as a faulty ignition coil. 

The following information will assist to locate and rectify this problem.


• Loss of power • Misfires • Poor fuel consumption • Codes P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304 • Engine stalling


 • Locate the weak cylinder by cylinder balance test.

• Check the spark output at the ignition coil. The spark should be a bright blue colour and audible.

• Another quick test is to swap the ignition coil with another coil from a different cylinder. Recheck by performing     a cylinder balance test.


• Test the ignition coil power supply and earth using a multimeter (Ignition On, Battery voltage to coil)

• Test the ignition negative trigger using an LED test light (Check for primary ignition pulse)

• Check the wiring harness for open circuits as this is a common problem. Test continuity between the ignition coil and the ignition module.


• The ignition module is located behind the air box

• Check the ignition module input and output (pulse)

• Check the earth circuit to the ignition module

• Refer image


• Replace the ignition coil if found to be faulty

• Replace the ignition module

• Repair wiring harness

• Check the spark plugs if coils are replaced

Coil Connector Problems.

Check out the video below.