Hilux oil leak

This Hilux 5l diesel developed a sudden engine oil leak.
Not due to it's own doing entirely. The young man that changed the oil and filter had no idea that an engine has a dip-stick. So off he went and merrily filled the sump untill he felt that there was enough oil in it. Soon after that he took it for a test drive and was very shocked when all the engine wanted to do was run at full speed. He was even more supprised when he found that he could not switch the engine off. Fearing the worst he deserted the vehcile . Anyway before the engine could protest and explode , a bypasser stalled the engine in gear , but then there was this gigantic oil leak. What happened? Yes you geussed , there was so much oil in the crankcase that the oil was forced out the rocker cover breather into the inlet manifold. The diesel engine then had more that enough oil to burn and keep itself running flat out. Real oil burner. Yes the rear oil seal was worn and with the extra oil in the crankcase it could not take the extra pressure. We were amazed to find 11.5 L of oil pour out of the sump when we drained the oil. We removed the gearbox and replaced the rear crankshaft oil seal. Must say this is an expensive way to change the oil though. Lesson >> Never be shy to ask 1) Do you know there is a dip-stick? 2) Do you know how much oil goes into the engine?

Oil leaking passed the crankshaft oil seal.

Notice the difference between the new and old seal? Old one is worn badly on the inside lip. Click on photo to see larger image.

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