Kubota tractor slasher drive box failure.

After engaging the PTO to check out the slasher we were surprised by the loud humming noise that came from the drive box. After checking the oil level we found the drive empty and proceeded to fill it, all that improved was the oil leak. Oil sprayed everywhere.

After removing the cover plate the centre bearings and shaft slipped out.

The bottom oil seal was rock hard and very worn-out.

 What did not help the matter was that the lower ball bearing had collapsed and there was about 3-4 mm of side movement on the shaft, making it very hard for any seal to do it's job properly.

 A view inside the drive box, cork dry, no oil here for a long time.

 New deep grove ball bearing to be fitted to the drive shaft.

 Speed seal fitted to the damaged oil seal running face on the drive shaft.

 New bearings fitted and assembled.

 Bottom cutting blade, notice the tough buffalo grass that was removed from the axle shaft. Most Probably ate into the seal and caused the leak which caused the bearings to run hot and collapse when there was no more oil.