Kubota 4x4 tractor front axle failure.

We start off with a steady water leak coming from the bottom end of the radiator.
As the photo shows, a great deal of fine sand and grass have made a great abrasive mixture that has corroded away the bottom tubes of the core.

 To remove the radiator we had no option but to strip off all the engine covers and the bonnet.

After we had the radiator recored and got the engine running again we discovered the water pump now also wanted some attention.
So off with the pump and a new one is fitted.

Old pump out.

Front LHS hub seized and very wobbly on the axle.

RHS front axle seems OK, just leaking a spot of oil.

Front wheel nuts and studs need attention.

We need to strip this and find out what is the problem!

The inner axle bearing had colapsed, jamming up the gear train ,something had to break!

This is what was left of the axle seal and bearing.

LHS axle shaft and collapsed bearing.

Notice the damaged O ring and mangled grove in the cast iron reduction cover.

Front LHS drive hub cover cracked right through, resulted from a collapsed axle bearing.

Every time the wheel turned this side would seize up, balls from the damaged bearing were getting in between the drive gears and because they had no where to go they simply forced the cover to give way.

The drive gear from the RHS, all still good.

Compared to the LHS, still in great condition.

Brand new outer hub housing , using the old bearing to fit the new.

New axle seal and sealing ring that presses onto the front hub.

Sealing ring going onto the front axle hub.

Notice the wheel studs are missing and there are no threads in the holes.

 We fitted heli-coils to all the threads and Lock-tightened them into place.

 Final task, replace the transmission oil, badly contaminated, just see the color of that oil in the pan.

Job Completed.
All covers replaced and the machine delivered back to the owner.