Mitsubishi MK clutch failure

Mitsubishi Triton MK Petrol

Clutch failure.

This old faithful UTE rolled into the workshop with no clutch.
After removing the transmission we were greeted by these exhausted parts.

The release bearing was still on the clutch fork and collar.

But some of the parts married to the release bearing rebelled and left the arrangement.

One finds it hard to believe that no one heard the protests and screaming that took place!

As always there is collateral damage.
No longer rolling, the release bearing got very heated and passed this heat on.
This time the poor pressure plate took the pressure, lots of it, so much in fact that the diaphragm fingers go red hot and simply folded back.
Although this is not a serviceable  item, it would be a good practice to turn the down the stereo once in a while and listen to the vehicle talk back.

If the dear owner had done so, he would have heard the marriage protests between the release bearing and the pressure plate. Much heartbreak could have been spared had this been repaired in time. 

Above is an image of a new release bearing , a lot more handsome than it's divorced mate.
Below is how the happy marriage is supposed to work together.

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