Landrover TDi

When the engine squeals , what could it be and what do we do? Well there could be a mouse stuck in the engine screaming it's tits off to get out. Or maybe there is some part just doing it's best to let us know it's time for a replacement! What do we do? We most of us good motorist just get entertained by the noise and keep on driving. What happens next? Well please take a look.

No bearing left! Where is the idler arm?

No pedestal or serpentine belt left!

The mouse in this engine got very angry and frustrated because the owner refused to hear him. In the end he just burned out, yes literally went out in a ball of smoke!
What did the owner do? Well he just drove on. He could have listened to the mouse but did not. He chose to be entertained by the squealing. So in the end he not only had to replace the idler pulley , pedestal, serpentine belt, but also the cylinder head gasket.

Lesson : Listen to the mouse.

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