Cougar 4500 Skid Steer Bucket Cylinder Problems and Replacement.

With some of these hard working machines there is a toll to pay.
This machine broke a bucket pin which allowed the bucket to swing past there pivot point. This bent the ram rods and damaged the cylinders beyond repair.

Notice how the ram rods is bent like a banana!

After opening up the cylinders and removing the ram rods we were met with this pleasant sight.

Seals, guides and rods destroyed!

Complete new rams were obtained and made to fit.

This required the cylinder ends and the ram ends to be replaced to match the machine.

New eye's welded into place.

All welded together and ready for the installation.

New 4041 bucket pins were turned on the lathe and fitted to the arms and bucket.

After some hours of work we were able to mount the new cylinders and plumb up the hydraulic hoses.
After a slash of grease in the nipples we fired her up and she worked just like a new one.