Reset ECU in cabin without battery disconnect. Car is an Australian delivered 2012 Nissan X-trail but should also work for most Nissan models 2006+ . Written instructions below...

1) Put the car in "ON" mode (cars with intelligent key press the start button twice with foot off the brake to put car in "ON" mode without starting the car)

2) Within three seconds of the car turning to "ON" (again NOT started), Floor (all the way down) and release the accelerator pedal fully 5 times within 5 seconds. 
Do not do this too fast.. 1..2..3..4..5

3) Wait about 7 seconds then floor the accelerator pedal and hold for 10 seconds. After that 10 seconds the Check Engine Light will start to blink slowly.

4) Release the pedal and floor it down once again and hold for 10 seconds. After these 10 seconds the check engine light will disappear then begin to flash much more rapidly. After you have done the following turn the car off and then back on. 
The Ecu is now reset
This is all about timing so try until you get it right!

I've been using this on my 2007 Nissan skyline (Infiniti G37) & have also done this on a 2006 350z and a 2006 Tiida so this method should work for most Nissan's 2006+ if not earlier.

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