Dynapac CC102 Twin Vibrating Roller / Drum mounting rubbers / Drum insulators / Drum shock arsters replaced

We have bought and sold many of these rollers in the past few years.
Something we take particular care about is checking on the drum shock rubbers.
These have a tendency to give way over a period of time.

Please view all the technical specs , operator manual , spares manual , and repair manual , all for free download on the link below.

Below is a photo of a new and a destroyed drum mounting rubber.
As per usual, one side comes adrift, when this happens to more than one rubber mounting the machine leans over to the one side badly.

Here are some good examples of this type of failure.

Well, lets us begin with the replacement.
We are replacing the mounting rubbers on the RHS front of this machine.
First we remove the outside securing bolts and nuts , these are nyloc's and if they have had a hart time on a civil site they could become a challenge to remove.

Next we remove the safety covers that protect the hydraulic lines.

Now is the time to support the machine with a jack if you have not yet done so.

With the aid of a large impact air wrench, remove the 6 bolts that secure the support arm to the frame of the machine. Be careful, there is a large and heavy spacer come lifting lug that just falls out if you are not wide awake.

Now the leg is divorced from the machine, and can be lifted carefully off the hydraulic motor, the  hoses need to be removed and tucked up slowly maneuver the arm and  she will come free.
Notice the heavy spacer / lifting lug on the floor.

hoses tucked up and out of the way, now we begin with the removal of the mounting rubbers.
They are held in place with Allen cap screws. Be sure to insert the Allen key well, if you strip the head you will have to drill the bolt out. Not much fun at all. Below is the special Allen key we fabricated to reach the cap screws.

Replace the mounting rubbers / shocks / insulators with the new one's.
These can be bought aftermarket, we have used them for some time now and can  not fault them.
Cheapest route is to import them from States, postage and price of the part still well below the price asked for aftermarket parts here in Australia.

To complete the job, fit the side arm back in place and assemble in the reverse order. Make sure to use the rattle gun when fastening the 6 arm bolts to the machine, all those good vibrations could make it come loose.

Oh, please don't forget to check the hydraulic fluid level when the job is done, it is difficult to say how much oil leaks out when the hoses are removed.

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