On this fine machine we have to replace the relief valve or ball. As this ball wears out it no longer remains round, becomes smaller in diameter and them does not seal. As a  result  we have a great piece of equipment that only preforms at half it's capacity.

The pressure tube has been removed from the concrete basket.

At the end of the pressure tube is the valve assembly. notice the black sealing O ring and the first glimpse of the relief ball.

This is the concrete basket to which the pressure tube and relief valve are fitted. This machine has been well maintained as you can see, no old stale concrete anywhere.

Hear is a shot of the underside to which the pressure tube of cylinder is attached. Notice the recess for the rubber O ring.

The relief valve assembly now needs to be stripped down or split. This is done with great care, old concrete and time make it difficult to separate the two parts.

As they come apart notice how the concrete has seeped between the flanges. This slows the flow down and also wears out the ball valve.

Another angle.

There we have the flanges split apart, the old worn out ball valve and all the concrete that slows the machine down.
The ball valve is hold captive by this cage. the 4 pins in the top flange and the 2 in the valve pipe.

All this old concrete needs to be chipped away and the pipe must be made as clean as.

Here is a good shot of the old and new balls side by side. The new ball is going to make a great difference to the performance of this machine.

In it's new prison, the new ball in its new clean environment. Now we assemble the flanges and hook the valve assembly back up to the concrete pump.
Check  the operation and the job is done.

Here is the official web site for AIRPLACO

Check the You Tube clip below to see just what these machines can do!

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