UNIMOG - The ONLY True 4x4.

The Mercedes UniMog is an Impressive Off-Road Diesel Truck

The Unimog. Unique and incomparable.

Four-wheel drive, differential locks front and rear, exceptional off-road capability. 

Features which all Unimog series have in common.

For those of you with friends that say their 4x4 is a true 4x4.
Well think again,
Below you will find some useful information that will clear up some long held misconceptions.
If your an off-road enthusiast, love the smell of diesel fuel mixed with muddy water, a Unimog will  “ get you over that”.

You might just love the Unimog and just don’t know it.
Of course you can modify any Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Toyota, Dodge or Jeep enough to get you anywhere you want to go.

But the Unimog is one of the only bone stock rides, you can do practically anything you want to with.
Watch this cool compilation below, and send it to your buddies that haven’t seen what these machines can do.

They can only be impressed!

Mercedes-Benz Unimog AWD System.

Locking center and rear with up to 10 low range gears.
The UG 100 UNIMOG gear box offers 8 forward speeds and 6 reverse speeds. In tow mode, the speeds are doubled, that is to say 16 forward and 12 reverse speeds to optimize the torque as very low as 0.1 km/h.
This gear box allows for speeds for both road and off-road use. It is silent, of a long life, and has high ratios. The transfer case is integrated, with a link to the transmission tube. It lets the axles twist independentl
All Unimogs have 4x4 with locking front and rear differentials that can be engaged “on the fly” anytime by the driver. Conventional four wheel drive systems only provide power to the wheel with less traction on each axle. In these vehicles, engaging four wheel drive doesn’t actually engage four wheels but rather engages both axles. If one wheel on each axle has little or no traction, the vehicle gets stuck even if the other wheels have excellent traction. Automatic traction control devices such as limited slips, auto locking diffs or electronic traction control, help overcome this situation to varying degrees. However, only manually locking differentials, such as in the Unimog, provide on demand, 100% drive to all wheels

Click the image below to read a detailed description of the unique capabilities of the UNIMOG.

Why is this machine so good?

Yep, another version of the "what the hell are all these levers for?"
Click image for larger version

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A - 1,2 & 3-6 (there a gate between 2 & 3 that prevents you from using 3-6 in reverse)
C - Crawler gears (road driving, have it all the way back)
D - Forward/Reverse
E - Cascade (road driving, have it all the way back)
F - Diff Locks (road driving, have it all the way forward) (you have a lever and not a turn knob, but same principle)

Click image for larger version

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If your machine is fitted with one of these mate, it is truly a 3 1/2  wheel drive.
Yep a good toy , but never a true 4x4.

There is only one UNIMOG - There is only one 4x4  


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