If your OBC needs to be reset after completing your oil change, below is the method:
    NOTE: If you miss a step, just turn the key back off and try again.

BMW Models Mid-2000 Onwards:
You will not have the 20-pin DLC connector as the older BMW models had, hence you will need to follow the below procedure.

BMW Speedometer

1) Press and hold the left odometer reset button while turning the key to position 1 (Accessory). 
Keep the button pressed for about 5 seconds until any of the following shows in the display: OIL SERVICE or INSPECTION with RESET or RE

BMW Speedometer

2) Release the button and press it again for another 5 seconds until RESET or RE flash.
3) While the display flashes, press the button one last time briefly to reset the Service Interval.
If done correctly, RESET / END SIA should show up for a few seconds.

BMW Speedometer

All done !

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