This excavator is driven by rubber tracks and every so often the tracks would come loose and jump off the undercarriage. The rubber tracks are brand new and also correctly matched to this machine.
A large amount of grease was found at the track tensioner leading us to believe that the piston assembly or seals had failed.

Here is a view of the seals that keep all the good grease in the cylinder where it belongs. Notice the damaged O ring just in front of the blue HP grease seal.
The two very shiny pistons are the new ones that we had flown in on DHL from Japan. They had to be replaced because the chroming on the shafts had started to flake off making sharp edges and in no time the new seals would again be leaking.

Click on the image to see the wear pit marks and the loss of chrome on the pistons.

A good view of the track drive tensioner assembly with the new piston and seals fitted. 

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