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Oka Parts and Technical Advice
  1.  OKA Kalgoorlie (now Goldfields Oka at Coolgardie)
    Robin Wade maintains OKAs in the Goldfields (good bloke, parts and repairs and sound advice, a true gentleman!) 08 9091 6195.
  2.  East Coast OKAs
    Paul Nott, has most parts available, carries heavy duty running gear such as 35 spline axles and steering knuckles, bearings rebuild kits, engine cold start units, etc, excellent customer service and advice, very knowledgeable great bloke available 24/7 0418 125 428
  3.  Oka Factory
    Technical advice and parts are available from OKA direct, Bibra Lake (Perth) 08 9434 1300, ask for Angelica (very helpful & knowledgeable).
  4.  Intune Automotive (Alice Springs)

    Intune Automotive
    (Previously Don Kyatt Motors, before that, Fiddler & Clarke)
    Now owned by Katherine & Steve Golding (May 2007).
    275 North Stewart Highway, Alice Springs 08 8953 4322
    Good people, just as keen and attentive.
  5.  Note on Suppliers
    Both Robin Wade from OKA Kalgoorlie and Paul Nott from East Coast OKAs have a huge range of parts, so you should be able to source anything you need in the shortest time possible.
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  1.  Axles, Front and Rear
    Front and Rear Axles 
    Left & right hand standard 32 spline rear axles in stock for OKAs!!! Will make oversize axles 35 spline to suit OKAs with modified rear diffs. Makes them on the premises! Good bloke. Axles must be replaced in pairs after a breakage!
    Anthony Natoli Enterprises, Hoxton Park, NSW (02) 9607 2092

    32 & 35 spline front inner/outer and rear axles in standard or chromoly generally always in stock together with crown wheel & pinions, LSD kits etc . Also developing Dana 80 axle assemblies available shortly, from Eastcoast OKA, Paul Nott Mob:0418-125428
  2.  Diff Repairs
    Diff Repairs 
    Modification, resetting
    D & R Diff Repairs
    Chipping Norton, (02) 9755 4357, Forget the rest give Glen a ring.
  3.  Front and Rear Diff Pinion Seal
    Front and Rear Diff Pinion Seal 
    National Federal Mogul 9316
    or CR18888
  4.  Front Hub Seal
    Front Hub Seal Size 2.750*3.875*0.500
    Chicago Rawhide 27471 
  5.  Inner Diff Seal
    Inner Diff Seal and guide NOK 36487-1
  6.  Locking Hubs
    Locking Hubs 
    The freewheeling hubs are AVM (made in Brazil) see 
    Model No. 439 for Dana 60 axles with internal mounting. I got them from ARB Adelaide who were cheapest ($213 a pair for Oka Owners Group).

    AVM also sell a "Service Kit" at ~$40, but it only contains oil seals and circlips, not any of the breakable parts inside, which is what I needed.
  7.  Rear Hub Seal
    Rear Hub Seal
    National Federal Mogul: Old no. 415086N or CR30055 New no. 300425 46
    Speedie sleeve CR99300
  8.  Wheel Bearings (LT & XT)
    Wheel Bearings (LT & XT) 
    Front Inner cup 382A
    Inner cone 387A

    Outer cup LM 104911
    Outer cone LM 104949
    (Timken Set 38)

    Rear Inner cup 45220
    Inner cone 45291

    Outer cup LM 104911
    Outer cone LM 104949
    (Timken set 38)

    Note: All "DAN....." part numbers listed in the OKA Parts Manual can be converted by CBC Bearings as they are a genuine Dana part number and are listed on their Conversion Charts.
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  1.  Brake Parts
    Peter Wright Oct 2010 said: I paid $216 for a full set of brake pads late last year. Off the shelf in Adelaide thru my mechanic at Saint Marys.
    TRW GDB7604 (Aust Ref 7081A).  Pevious were PROTEX , CS7081ADM, PT05011.
    There are several wedge thicknesses. They have a number on them.
    Oka Paul at November 4, 2010 at 12:34 AM

    I have all standard + oversize brake wedges in stock and they are correct fitment for the Oka. Also carry callipers + quality American/Canadian disc rotors, not cheap Chinese ones that crack.
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  1.  Dingo Seat Covers 07 40955661 have canvas seat covers available for the OKA seats.
  2.  Grab Handles
    Grab Handles Inside cabin (black), secured by 4 screws, also other OKA Locks & Catches

    Universal Engineers Supplies: 
    2/42 Birnie Avenue, Lidcombe NSW 2141 (02) 8745 9000
    16 Tikalara St, Regency Park, South Australia, 5010 (08) 8340 1599
    38 - 40 South Link, Dandenong, Victoria, 3175 (03) 8787 3100
    4/ 5 Bishop St, Stuart Park, Northern Territory, 0820 (08) 8946 4500
    8 Boulder Rd. Malaga, Western Australia, 6090, (08) 9249 2211
    1-3/36 Pritchard Road, Virginia, QLD, 4014, (07) 3865 5600
  3.  Keys
    Ignition key Silca blank number NE38.
    Door key Silca blank number V01.
    See Your Local Locksmith
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  1.  Alternator
    LT Bosch BXU1285A
    Note: Alternator needs a tacho signal pick-up.
  2.  Front Side Indicator Lights
    Front Side Indicator Lights I find blinkers continually get smashed off in the scrub.
    Order through Repco - OKA tail lights, mirrors etc.
    Britax Part No. 10430.01 (Blinker Lights) these blinkers use a small cap less bulb.
  3.  Starter Motor
    Starter Motor 
    Compact gear reduction model available through East Coast OKA
    XT196 (Peter & Margaret Wright, South Australia) fitted a UNIPOINT B/N 4981, UN10409, 01-71895, STR-6078A, Perkins mount.
  4.  Temperature Sensor Unit
    Temperature Sensor Unit VDO 320.031
  5.  XT Speedo Sensor
    XT Speedo Sensor TURCK # BI8U-M18-AN6X Available from Micromax 1300 326 626
  6.  Solar Panels
    Set of 5 x SP20 20 Watt solar panels from Oatley Electronics in 2008, cost about $500. Seethis article on installation. Prices are lower in 2012.
    Note the SP20 panels are no longer avaiable from Oatley (although similar sized panels are available from Jaycar and Altronics). However, Oatley can supply larger 62W panels, part number SP62PK2, price $550 for 3 panels (180W)  including a charge controller.
    Note, smaller sized panels are more robust and shade resistant than larger panels although slightly more expensive.
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  1.  Air Filters
    Air Filters 
    Primary: DONALDSON Part No. P133765
    Secondary: DONALDSON (safety) Part No. P136401
  2.  Drive Belts
    Drive Belts 
    For Air Conditioner, Alternator, Window Winders (front doors)

    Belt Part No. Air con 9425 13A1080
    Alternator 9520 13A1320
    Window winder 510L0507250DS
    Carry ALL belts as spares

    I have found Gates Green Stripe Belts the most serviceable, available from:

    R. P. WALLIS, Unit 2, 158 Newton Road, Wetherill Park, NSW, Phone (02) 9756 5111

    Also try Mick's Truck Bits in Capalaba (Bris-Vegas); Mick is very savvy in the truck biz and can find parts at a reasonable price. He has helped me out a bit and once he got a handle on OKAs (helped by having mine parked in his doorway (all of his doorway) he has been able to source most of the stuff listed here at good prices (including a bigger badder jack - ten-tonner of same quality for price of the six-tonner since no six-tonners were available that day!). All filters supplied at less than quoted several dealers elsewhere.
  3.  Engine Cold Start Kit
    Engine Cold Start Kit If your engine has problems cold starting, contact Paul Nott for one of his Cold Start Units, works very well. 
  4.  Engine Oil Filter
    Engine Oil Filter 
    Donaldson Part No. P554407
    FLEETGUARD, No L.F.699
  5.  Hydraulic Oil Return Line Filter
    Hydraulic Oil Return Line Filter 
    Donaldson Part Number: P550162
    RYCO, Z79A
  6.  Perkins 100 Series Motor Parts
    Perkins 100 Series Motor Parts 
    Sydney: EIP Diesel P/L, 37 Eddie Road, Minchinbury NSW 2770, Phone: (02) 9675 3444, Mark Brentnall
    Adelaide: A W Diesel Repair Services, 12 Fifth St Wingfield, South Australia, 5013, (08) 8347 0083
  7.  Turbos and Intercoolers
    Northside 4x4 accessories (ARB Caboolture) Ph 07 54955519 have bolt on waste gated turbos and glycol intercoolers for the Perkins Phaser. This gives the engine full boost at low revs and means that the OKA's can now overtake safely. 
  8.  Water Pump
    Water Pump 
    Water pump and any engine spares try Geoff Walsh on your engine parts requirements telephone our Engine Parts Hotline on 1800-810-507 or
    Sydney: EIP Diesel P/L, 37 Eddie Road, Minchinbury NSW 2770, Phone: (02) 9675 3444, Mark Brentnall

    15 Chain Street, Mackay, Queensland AUSTRALIA 4740 P.O.Box 555, Mackay, Queensland AUSTRALIA 4740 Telephone +61 7 4951 3177 Fax 07 4951 4020

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Fuel System
  1.  Fuel Filters
    Fuel Filters 
    1st Filter Element only FLEETGUARD, FS 1240
    1st Filter Sediment bowl & filter element (both parts) FS 1240B
    Note, Next (filter) is a fuel sediment and water bowl only and needs inspection and draining and cleaning when necessary.
  2.  Fuel Filter On Engine
    Fuel Filter On Engine 
    Donaldson Part No. P557111
    Perkins No. 26561117 Power Part
    Fleetguard No.FF167A
    For all Donaldson filters contact:
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Heating and Cooling
  1.  Air Conditioner
    We have evaporator coils to suit XT front aircon, dual & multi cab aircon, not sure about LT front need to check with OKA.

    Part No EV-3380.
    Rodney Lyons, OKA Owner And Member
    Lyons Airconditioning Services (WA)
    08 9453 2811

  2.  Heater Fan
    Heater Fan
    For an XT at least (probably LT as well), use Torin; CVA 200 
    available from : Flexible Drive Agencies, NSW 02 9738 8600 
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  1.  Grease
    Grease Grease type LE 3752 expensive! Doesn't get displaced, hangs on and does not emulsify with water. Cantankerous to wash off, WD40 cleans it off your hands.
    Lubrication Engineers Pty Ltd, Prospect, NSW, (02) 9636 5655 Allan Green
    Yamalube Marine grease (sticks like shyte to a blanket) high quality marine grade, I have used this grease on off road motorcycles including in competition for several years in conditions that would kill an OKA (or any other 4WD) stone dead and it is a seriously top rate product as are all other Yamalube (Yamaha) products I have used over the past 30 years or so.
  2.  Oil
    Engine Oil: Castrol RX
    Hydraulic Oil (Power Steering): Castrol Transmax M
    Diff, Front and Rear: Castrol LSX90,
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  1.  Airbags Suppliers
    The model we fitted is that recommended for the Oka by the Firestone Airbag importer, The Airbag Man, their part number AB0051. This is a Firestone model 1T14C-1, which defines a family of reversible sleeve air springs. The Firestone Assembly Order Number is W01-358-5311, which defines the specific characteristics of this variant (and there are hundreds of variants). This is also the number to use for an internet search.

    You can buy these airbags from The Airbag Man, or their distributors (eg Air Springs SA , which is what we did for the first 2), or from any number of US on-line stores (which where went for the last 2 at a considerable saving (more than 50%, even after the addition of freight) or SDTruckSprings.

    Genuine Firestone pneumatic controls and gauges are also available from the same US suppliers but we found a local supplier Air Ride Suspension in Sydney who was almost as competitive, so we supported them. They can also supply the air pipe and push-fit connectors (which are very quick and effective).
  2.  Boss Air Suspension
    Boss air suspension Ph 07 5641 0174 have triple bellows air springs suitable for the very long OKA wheel travel. These compared to Firestone are tough and cheap. 
  3.  Shock Absorbers
    Shock Absorbers 
    Monroe, Magnum 60 Gas Shock Absorbers, Front and Rear, Part Number 66638 The same shock was used whether four or eight were fitted. 
  4.  Springs
    Front & Rear, Shockers, Resets, Alterations, Modifications, extra leaves.
    Setting the old fashioned way, A true professional.
    Southern Cross 4WD
    1385 Burragorang Road, Oakdale, NSW, (02) 4659 6316

    Brisbane Springs (they have detailed files!) but I bought the last of the shackle pins and bushes they had. Still they know how to get dem OKRE parts and are a very professional outfit. Speak to Geoff King and tell em Nols sent ya.
  5.  Urethane Spring Bush
    Fulcrum have finished developing a urethane spring bush kit for the OKAs.
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  1.  Ball Joints
    Ball Joints etc 
    K.S.A. Truck Parts & Repairs Pty Ltd , 1 Moore St Leichhardt 2040 (02) 9692 8222
    Truckline Truck & Trailer Parts, Lot 3 Ormsby Pl, Wetherill Park 2164 ph:(02) 9729 3700
  2.  King Pin Bearing
    King Pin Bearing Cone 23100
    Cup 23256
  3.  Steering Box TRW
    Steering Box TRW 
    New TRW Steering Boxes and Rebuilds (To NT Standard)
    Australian Importers of TRW Boxes and Seal Kit, Workshop Facilities For Rebuilds:
    Complete Steering Australia Pty.Ltd.
    U 1/ 55 Cherry La Laverton North 3026 Phone (03) 9369 2659
  4.  Steering Damper
    Steering Damper 
    Powerdown Steering Dampener, part no: SS-2716. 
    Contact: Gus Dalfarra, for your nearest outlet, let him know you are from the OKA Owners Group for a good price.

    I fitted a Tough Dog steering damper a year ago from 4WD1 at $120 including freight.
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  1.  Jack
    Jack (Hydraulic) Ideal for OKAs as it has a 2 stage lift 250mm (2 rams) to raise high profile tyres clear of the ground with ease!! Also has a 75mm high screwed section so minimum packing is required. Its capacity is 6000kg safe working load.
    Ring Jutco Pty Ltd, Unit 1 30/34 Maffra St, Colaroo, Vic 3048, Phone 1300 133 921 for the agent closest to you Jack Part No. 60113 Price around $110.
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  1.  Drive Shaft Repairs
    Drive Shaft Repairs
    Diff & Gear Box, yokes, slip joints etc & modifications, also balancing.
    Hardy-Spicer for Tail Shaft Repairs

    1. 10/ 30 Heathcote Rd, Moorebank, NSW, 2170 (02) 9600 6333, Colin Hancock
    2. 56 -58 Churchill Rd North Dry Creek, South Australia, 5094 (08) 8349 6400
    3. 1/9 Monterey Road, Dandenong South Victoria, 3175 (03) 9792 4744
  2.  Gear linkages
    Gear linkages 
    Rod ends: part number BL12BD from CBC Bearings. Ensure they have M12 threads with 1.75 pitch. Note later Okas (after VIN 137) may have different rod end types and sizes.
    There are four rod ends, one on the transfer shaft and three on the gearbox shaft. The one attached above the bell housing is difficult to access but is probably not worn anyway since it only acts as an anchor point. Most pivot pin holes on linking bars were elongated due to vibration. Weld up and re-drill the correct size or pack with shim material.
    Replace all clevis pins and fit washers between the moving parts to minimise lateral movement. Movement causes noise and wear. Grease everything well.
  3.  Gear Box
    Gear Box 
    The part number for the Oka gearbox is: Spicer T5290
    Kowari Motors
    10 Trade Court,
    Bohle Industrial Estate
    Townsville, Qld 4818
    Ph: 07 4774 7577
    Fax: 07 4744 4946
  4.  PTO Hydraulic Pumps
    Power Auto in Melbourne 03 9791 2255 can supply PTO hydraulic pumps for the XT transfer case, hydraulic and air everything else. Ramsey hydraulic winches, lift cylinders (tip tray).
  5.  Rear Gearbox Mounting Rubbers
    Rear Gearbox Mounting Rubbers 
    Lloyd Parsons mechanic recognised the part as being the early Landrover. Landrover part numbers are not known at this stage.
  6.  Uni Joints
    Uni Joints 

    Steering 5 332 X Spicer No. Make sure they have a grease nipple this No. joint should have.
    Note: the Spicer 5-332X has been superceeded by Spicer SPL55-4X (refer thisSpicer Parts Listing)
    Tail Shaft K5 GB10RHD
    Again these ones have grease nipples and heavy duty seals. I recommend you carry both these Uni-Joints as spares.

    Both these Uni joints are available from:
    Truckline, Wetherill Park, NSW (02) 9729 3700

    Truckline Virginia in Brisbane (make Trevor a believer) got tie rod ends from these guys. Once pushed a bit they will try hard and get what you need. Airfreighted parts at no great expense.

    The real heros though were Whitehorse trucks in Morewell Vic whom Truckline phoned to confirm part numbers etc (Whitehorse have been known to supply parts to OKA in WA first class svc so stick with these guys) some of you will already know all about this so I leave out the details.
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Oka Related Questions
  1.  What is an Oka?
    A large, strong but heavy Australian designed and manufactured 4WD vehicle. It has a a forward control cabin and large carrying capacity. They are ideal for outback travel in rough and unforgiving terrain.
    It has a very reliable 4 litre diesel engine giving significant torque for off-road driving and good fuel consumption, but limited power for high speed travel.
    Weighing in at around 5 tonnes, their dimensions are approximately 2m wide, 2.5 m high and 6.5m long, depending on the configuration.
  2.  What is the typical fuel consumption?
    Between 6 and 7 km per litre is typical (14 to 16 litres per 100km, or 17 to 20 MPG) but this will vary with driving technique, terrain requirements (tyre pressures and gears/4wd selection) and load.
    Speed on the open road has the biggest impact on fuel consumption and speeds in excess of 80kph will have a significant impact.
    In off-road conditions, soft sand (particularly sand dunes) will have a negative impact and careful calculations of fuel load and range must be made taking into account unforeseen conditions. Fuel availability must also be considered. In remote locations fuel supplies can be widely spaced and occasionally unavailable.
  3.  What are the essential electrics to keep an Oka running?
    The minimum requirement is a 12 v supply to the cut off solenoid in the injector pump.
    No other electrics are essential to keep the Oka engine running although, of course, none of the dashboard displays, lights, indicators or battery charging will be operating if all you have is a 12v supply to the injector pump solenoid. 


Image result for Narva 95202 LEDImage result for Narva 95202 LED
Narva 95202 LED indicator/clearance light is a direct fit for front indicator

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