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The BelAz 75710 has a conventional two-axle setup, but with dualled wheels (like a scaled-up International Payhauler 350), hence it needs eight 59/80 R63 tyres.[1] Unusually, it has four-wheel drive and four-wheel hydraulic steering. The turning radius is claimed to be 20 metres.
The 75710 can carry a 450 tonne (500 short tons) load.[2] The empty weight is 360 tonnes - much more heavily built than the previous model, which was 240 tonnes.[3] It is 20.6 metres long, 8.16 metres high, and 9.87 metres wide. The bed is relatively shallow, limiting the volume of material that can be carried.
Instead of a single engine, the Siemens MMT 500 drive system (with AC/AC diesel-electric transmission based on the ELFA inverters) is powered by two 65-litre 16-cylinder diesel engines, each with 2300 horsepower.[4] This, in addition to the shallow bed, dualled tyres, and very heavy empty weight, has led to concerns about operating efficiency.
Fuel consumption(according to company data) is 198 g/kWh per engine, with option to run on only one if carrying less than capacity loads. Maximum speed is 64 km/h, and economy max. speed when fully loaded, on a 10% gradient, is 40 km/h.