This machine arrived at the shop with all the electric systems shut down.
The owner had made a brave attempt to repair the machine on the side of the road, but this only activated the situation.

Behind the operators shoulder on the RHS is a Mill-Spec coupling that links all the cabin electrics with the rest of the machine.
This multi pins coupling had attracted moisture and many of the contact pins were so badly corroded that they had broken off.

Is hight pressure steam cleaning always the answer?

After removing  the Mil-Spec couplings we rewired the 32 or so wire using waterproof Deutsch Couplers.
A few hours later the machine fired up and all  functions operated perfectly.
Now the test drive ,,,, yes that was great fun.

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  1. Hello, I was mowing with my asv rc85 and lost all hydraulic operation. Engine did not sputter, no noises, everything just stopped, excecept the engine. Safety switch seemed ok. It was suggested that a coupler failure between the engine and hyd pump was the problem. In the process of tearing the machine down, I found a fuse box with a blown fuse labeled (safety sol) Could this little fuse be the problem? I am not too far into the teardown and am thinking about putting it back together enough to check it. Can I have your opinion please? Thanks, Mark

    1. had this same issue and I replaced the fuse same one I believe it is a 10 amp and the machine worked again

  2. RC 85. Runs about an hour or so and engine quits Turns over but will not start Let set 4-5 hours and fires right up Is there a relay or fuel pump going bad Done this several times and always starts after sitting a few hours

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