SCARY Engineers and Engineering.

Most people would like to be a Doctor.
Doctors are good. They work to cure disease and heal the sick.
And that's a noble and really great intention.
But are all doctor's  good?
You and I know well there are some very SCARY doctors out there!
In fact some doctors should just not be doctors. Full Stop.

The same holds true for every trade under the sun.
Yes, even Engineers!

The clips below illustrate that a university diploma does not grant you vision, passion, discernment, thinking ability or even common sense.

Yes we do accept that no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but just what were these engineers thinking?
What happened to their beautiful minds?

Civil Engineers

Worlds Worst Engineers.

Robotic Engineers.

Structural Engineers

Electrical Engineers.

Aeronautical Engineers,

Civil Construction Engineers

Explosives Engineers

Construction Engineers,

Motor Engineers

Aerospace Engineers

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