Spiral Logistics WNZ008


Requested to follow through with safety adjustments.
Spec's and instruction provided by client.

Fabricate rear Tail boards / removable in three sections / 750 mm high.
secure Tail boards with chain and D shekels.

Fabricate new side loading pins / weld chain to pins and secure to truck with D shekels.

Weld mesh WK 2517 to front headboard and prime.
Remove rust corrosion on the  front headboard / prime with rust block and paint white.

Clean up the sides of the load-body and paint white.
Straighten three sets of steps and paint yellow.
Paint hand grab rail yellow and handles on the headboard.
Paint yellow safety strip along both lengths of the tray.

Secure timber to the load-body.

Walk-around inspection on completion of job.

Pins bent and chain missing.

 Yellow lines missing and pins bent.

 Tail boards need replacement.

 Steps damaged  / straightened.

Headboard missing WK 2617 expanded mesh.

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