Woman are good drivers

Women Are Safer Drivers, So What?

The statistics are pretty clear and straight forward – women are safer drivers than men. But why is this? Experts say that men are more aggressive behind the wheel. They are more likely to take risks, and therefore, more likely to make mistakes. Many believe this is because of higher testosterone levels. This higher likelihood to take risks, fueled by testosterone, also might be the reason why men are statistically more likely to drive under the influence, not wear a seat-belt, and speed.

You best believe the insurance companies have taken notice of these statistics. Because of this, insurance prices tend to be cheaper for women than they are for men. Think of it almost like an award to women for being safer drivers. You drive safe, you get cheaper insurance. It’s as simple as that.


We mean, yeah, she inexplicably flipped her car.

But at least she looked good doing it, right?

Tipped Car

Where did you learn to drive... 
In the sandbox with matchbox cars?


Take a picture. I'm sure the insurance company will love to see how funny you think this is.

Water Wreck

Her pants suit says, "I have confidence."
But her driving abilities say, "I'm a woman."

Helmet Problems

So.... many.... facepalms.
Does she also wear biker gloves on her feet?

Car Dive

Well, if you're going to crash a car, what better place to do it than at a bar.
You're going to need a drink to deal with this mess.

Stuck In The Sand

Faster is not better.
Unless you're a man... then it's better when you want it that way.

Lady Cop

We have no problem with a woman being a cop.
But maybe let your male partner drive?


Nice parking job, lady.
If that's how poorly you park, we don't want to know how poorly you drive.

Bad Endings

Don't believe us?  
Look at ALL the  pictures again.

And here are some more moments!

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