BMW 318I N42 Oil Filter Failure.

BMW N42 318i - Genuine Filter or Non-genuine ?

Please see the Clip below for a great visual explanation.

For some folks that is the eternal question.
Yes there are some good after-market filters out there, BUT.

Where are they made?
What kind of quality control is there?
Does the best price surmount to the best part?

When it all goes pear shaped, who pays?

The owner of this delightful BMW N42 insists that the car has been serviced regularly at the scheduled service intervals.
The service log is up to date and the customer has been invoiced for a new oil filter at every oil and inspection service.

How does the oil filter crumble like this?
Has it really been replaced at every oil service?
It is an after-market part, but is the quality really that bad?

Notice how the element has just fallen apart. At first we considered that there was an oil pressure problem, but closed inspection revealed that the element was brittle and had no integral strength.

Poor filter?    Was the oil filter never changed?

Below is the Genuine BMW oil filter element, top quality, best reliability, trouble free!

Please take a moment and view the clip below, you will not only learn a lot about oil filters , but also be astounded by the difference between Genuine and after-market oil filters.

We recommend Genuine oil filters to all out customers when we are entrusted to care for there cars, trucks, and machinery

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