Fire Fighting Truck Up-grade.

Let's get ready for the bush fire season. We start with a Roadworthy check and repairs.
Followed by a run-down of the fire fighting pumps. Here we encountered our first challenge. The main pump was very noisy and also leaking plenty of oil.

Blocked drain hole on the pump flange caused the pump shaft to corrode and then the seal to fail.

Below is the old pump and the control panel. Many of the valves were leaking and the fittings were badly corroded. The owners decided to turf the set-up and replace the pump with the more reliable Davey Pump.

Old foot well and pumps removed, ready to make way for the new.

 Davey Pump fitted to the new foot well and plumbed up to the tanker.
We designed a new plumbing system that could pump water out the front under the bumper, out the rear under the bumper , from the fire fighting hose reel, and the mass discharge pipe at the rear.

The new foot well with pump mounted.

 Lengths of suction hose were also made up and stored in the hose trays fitted to the tanker.

Notice the sprayers under the bumper, and the mass discharge pipe on top of the tanker.

Inside the rear sliding toolbox we hung  the rolls of  2" lay-flat hose along with all the ancillary fittings and the fire fighting hose reel.

Jerry can racks were made up and fitted to the LHS of the truck, petrol and diesel reserves.

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